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15/10/06 @ 3:41 pm]
[ mood | Shinra filled ]

Yeah, well I don't know why I'm updating this. I'm never on this I'm always on Myspace.
UMMMM. I wanna go fishing. I want a new video game. I wanna watch final fantasy. I can never pull an all nighter. Um, I'm failing as usual. I don't know what to write. I am going to call Rufus and get some straight answers outta this mako-energy splurge. Wow I don't know what I just said but I think it has something to do with Geostigma that i have. Sephroth is coming. Run for your life. Yeah, this is worthless. Did you know that Shinra used the life stream as an energy source.

The life-stream, that's what we call the river of life that circles our planet. Giving life to the world and everything in it. The shinra electric power company dicovered a way to use the life stream as an energy source. Because of Shinra power we were able to live very comfy lives.

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Awwww... [ Tuesday
8/08/06 @ 8:23 pm]
well, we all went down to the vet this afternoon. Brandy's liver isn't functioning. He gave her a pill but she's just throwing it up. Poor thing.
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[ Sunday
6/08/06 @ 5:10 pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Well, I decidied I would update since I'm in a good mood.^_^ Surprising,eh?

School starts back in 4 days. That's only (24x4=6 carry the 1, 8+1=9) gasp only 96 hours of fun,I think.Dang.

Summer was pretty swell. And fast. Probably the fastest yet. I'm a little excited to go back to school, since all of my friends around the U.S are. Plus, it will get my folks off my back that I stay on the computer too long. I really want my schedule.

I have my Disney World Exra Magic Hours braclets on. They've been on since July 9th.

Brandy's getting old T_T. So sad. Nikki has been dead for...11 months and 6 days I think.

Well thats all I gotta say. as Barret Wallace say in FF Advent
"...survey's done so I should be over there and see Marlene, you let her know alright Spikey"
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whoo hoo back to school stuff=| [ Sunday
6/08/06 @ 1:24 pm]
aw, back to school shopping.

well i've had better shopping das with my grandmother. here's what greatclothes I bought for back to school.

2 pairs of jeans
1 shirt.
wow i didn't know school only went on one day a week. Ya, well i didn't get much, as usual, my mom gonna kill me for putting this up.
I didn't get to buy anything from hot topic cause it's 'grundgy'

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Um nothing [ Saturday
5/08/06 @ 9:42 am]
Me and my mommy watched Andy Milonakis the other night!!!^_^ Woot
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nothing [ Monday
31/07/06 @ 10:22 pm]
well, i just got back from dollywood. There's not much to say, it was hot, but not that boiling hot. We didn't do much. Just walked around, rode tenessee tornado and thunderhead twice and thats all.

I'm going to Kingsport tomorrow. I hope we go to the mall cuz i wanna buy alot of Anime stuff. I'm dying to get into that stuff.

Oh yeah. Me and Skyla were watching Fairly oddparents and we watched the part where the kid goes i was born this way ovewr and over and over it was hilarious. we even took it in the mcdonalds bathroom and played it over and over again.
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Weekend Madness [ Sunday
30/07/06 @ 4:26 pm]
Well, not much happened this weekend, I went to kingsport yesturday. I miss disney world and all it's thousands of people in it too. Tomorrow me and Skyla are going to Dollywood. Good times. I had a pet turtle for 5 minutes. It was weird. It was fast. I named him...(insert a name that you think fits a turtle)Someone to care for, to be there for I have James Woods. I wonder if he's heard that. Last night we got home about 9:30 and I got ready for bed and watched Fullmetal Alchemist, Eureka 7, and some other anime. I love Fullmetal alchemist. I don't know the story but the character are cool. they curse but it's funny. Things are popping in my house. now my mom is call the shinra electric company. Rude answered then reno then tseng then elena then........SEPHIROTH!!!!!!!!!deistua senteine seneine desta seneine sentines SEPHIROTH..doo SEPHIROTH. That his theme. I wish I had a theme. omg on fairly oddparents it was so hilarious

someone : then timmy wil just be an average kid that no one understands.

Cosmo: hey someone should make a song outta that

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I'm so freaking Bored [ Friday
28/07/06 @ 7:57 pm]
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[ Monday
24/07/06 @ 9:23 am]
GREAT!!!!!!!! I'm going to the dentist
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gjfdksgns;dkg [ Monday
24/07/06 @ 8:46 am]
I'm bored.

I'm listening to the Turk (FF) Theme. It has no words but it is cool.

"Hey partner..this thing..got any bite to it"
"Shinra technology at it's finest"
"Oh so you made this?"
"If nothing else it's...flashy"
"You love it I know"
"Looks like today we're clocking out early"

NOW I'm listening to My Sharona. I always thought that song was for Sims. Because they say stuff like My sharona..MY My My My Whoo.. mymymymy Sharona. I can see Reno singing this song. Only they'd have to change it to..My Elena..MY mY mymymymymymymiiiee.
There re-making FF7 I think?? I'm going to get it!!!
Now I'm listening to Sephiroth's Theme---Trigun Remix
Now I'm listening to Dude looks like a lady. Because that's what is playing on Rock 'n' Roller coaster. Skyla was singing it. LOL.
Now I'm listening to I can't Dance
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